Speed check in Hook Heath Road
A speed check in Hook Heath Road
Community Speed Watch scheme leaflet picture
What the Speed Watch leaflet looks like

Interactive speed signs for Hook Heath

Complaints about the disregard shown by many drivers for the area’s 30mph speed limit featured strongly in the survey work undertaken in connection with the preparation of the Neighbourhood Plan and was listed as one of several projects for action following a suggestion by County Councillor Linda Kemeny. She has since applied successfully to the Woking joint committee of borough and county councillors for £6,750 of capital funding for three interactive signs. Likely locations for their installation, subject to inspection by Highways engineers, include Hook Heath Road, Hook Heath Avenue and Holly Bank Road.

Radar speed checks in Hook Heath

In the morning and evening rush to get to and from work many people drive too fast. Most will react to a speed check by slowing down. Most will continue to watch their speed when next in the area. Of course, the memory fades and speeds go back up.

Currently we have too few volunteers to keep the Community Speed Watch sufficiently active, hence the amount of speeding reported by residents. To reduce speeding in Hook Heath we will need more speed checks.

The procedure for volunteers is quite simple and not onerous. Basically, from experience, the team leader knows the best spots and times for catching speeding motorists and draws up a rota. Just choose your time slots from the rota to provide a visible presence as a warning to drivers. There needs to be 2 people who note the speed, car number, model and colour. Training and equipment are supplied.

How does it operate?

Is Community Speed Watch effective?

Community Speed Watch has been very successful in the Surrey area. It helps to make motorists more aware of their speed. It raises the realisation of the social impact that anti-social driving has on communities and has increased the safety for the very young and the elderly. Communities also benefit in general in an improved environment and safety.

What can YOU do?

You can volunteer! Yes - you will be given training and can then join a small friendly local group to help 'do your bit' in keeping Hook Heath safer and thereby improve our environment. The training, visibility jacket and equipment is provided at no cost to the volunteers. Volunteers can choose their time and place from the rota and also avoid bad weather.

The Community Speed Watch is locally driven with active members of the community, supported by the police and local authority to monitor traffic speeds.

The scheme allows great flexibility in when and where to monitor. Your input will be greatly appreciated by the local community that is currently concerned at the degree of speeding through Hook Heath.

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